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Jill Filipovic

Photo courtesy of Jim Milles

Tonight I went to a talk by Feministe founder Jill Filipovic, who also contributed to Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power & A World Without Rape, a.k.a. my bible.

She spoke a lot about the brokenness of the no means no model and the idea of enthusiastic consent, theories I very much support and am no stranger to.

She also discussed the Internet as a valuable activist tool and the positive infiltration of feminism into the blogosphere. There’s no question that the public has access to an ever-growing number of amazing resources about feminism, gender equality, sex positivity, queer activism, and so much more, because of the Internet.

My favourite part of the talk was when she was discussing the age-old idea of females as the passive vessels and males as the active agents when it comes to sex. Sex happens when the penis penetrates the vagina. Who can argue that the whole idea of sex is centred on the male doing something to the female?

But what if, as an old professor of Jill’s suggested, rather than him penetrating her, she was seen to be enveloping him? What if we started to see sex as the act of a female consuming a male?

I’d never thought about sex this way before, and I like it. Enthusiastic consent isn’t about allowing someone inside you, it’s about actively devouring them. Assuming, of course, that they’ve just as enthusiastically consented to being devoured.


Today I visited Dublinia, the medieval museum, and Christ Church Cathedral.

Dublinia was cool. I learned about how the Vikings settled in Dublin. The section about Viking poetry, performed by professionals called Skalds, interested me most. I also enjoyed learning about medieval medicine, which involved a lot of herbal remedies.

Christ Church Cathedral, the oldest structure in Dublin (built c. 1028), was really beautiful. Parts of The Tudors were filmed there, and they had the costumes on display in the basement. There was some kind of photo shoot going on while we were there as well.

I’m Back

Me and my Irish roomies

I know I’ve been totally absent from this blog. Our house didn’t have Internet for three weeks, and then I was dealing with a lot of personal stuff, and then it just seemed like too much time had gone by.

But I’m back now and hope to start posting more regularly.

I’ve done a bunch of cool things since I’ve been in Dublin. I went to the Dublin Fringe (not as good as Ottawa), toured the Guinness factory, went to Oktoberfest, travelled to Newgrange and Glendalough (only to discover I’d already been there six years ago), watched Dublin win the Gaelic football championship for the first time in sixteen years, and learned to knit, just to name a few.

There were so many things I wanted to do more detailed posts about, but didn’t get the chance, so those are the brief highlights.