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12 Things I’ve Learned by Avoiding Relationships

ImageI’m super excited to have had a piece published on Thought Catalog, the wisdom-filled, twenty-something digital bible! Read it here.

Wolf-whistlers to face music on Irish website

ImageI’m co-founding a Dublin chapter of Hollaback!, an international movement designed to fight the street harassment (cat-calls, groping, lewd comments, scare tactics, etc.) of women and LGBT individuals. And there’s an article about us in today’s Sunday Times! The site officially launches November 19 and our badass launch party will be November 20, but you can see a sneak peak now at dublin.ihollaback.org.

The Real Deal

ImageDo all women fake orgasms? What are the implications of an attitude that favours boosting your partner’s ego over pursuing real pleasure? Read my thoughts on the Good Vibrations Blog.