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ImageMy review of Dublin street performer GerryCo101 for Music Review Unsigned. Two out of six stars.

Going Down? …I Think I’ll Take the Stairs

ImageFor many, oral sex is the best part of a sexual encounter. But sometimes it can be a bit intimidating. Read about what I was surprised to learn about myself at a sexual empowerment workshop on the Good Vibrations Blog.

12 Things I’ve Learned by Avoiding Relationships

ImageI’m super excited to have had a piece published on Thought Catalog, the wisdom-filled, twenty-something digital bible! Read it here.

The Real Deal

ImageDo all women fake orgasms? What are the implications of an attitude that favours boosting your partner’s ego over pursuing real pleasure? Read my thoughts on the Good Vibrations Blog.

Trick or Treat?

ImageIs it just me, or does Halloween equal the season to get laid? I discuss the effect donning a costume can have on releasing your inhibitions in my latest post on the Good Vibrations Blog.


Nadine Carina ::: Little Bits

ImageNadine Carina uses her cat as an instrument on her new EP, Little Bits. Read what I thought about it here on Music Review Unsigned.

Drawing the Line

ImageIn my latest post on the Good Vibrations Blog, I share how I came to discover I like being choked, and how it can hard to ask for what you want if you haven’t experienced what you don’t want.

Cushh… Reborn and Fabulous

My interview with E, the male half of the UK pop due Cushh, is on pages 16 and 17 of the October issue of Music Review Unsigned. After taking two years out to work on their fashion line, he tells me about shifting their energies to their forthcoming CD.

Groan and Bear It

ImageWhat’s the difference between moaning and screaming? In my latest post on the Good Vibrations Blog, I examine the things we do to mask our discomfort during sex.

Holy Vessels ::: Queen of Alimony

ImageMy review of Holy Vessels’ second single, Queen of Alimony is up here on Music Review Unsigned.